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Hello All. We just finished our International POLICE EXPO in our Capital City. But yet; does it mean that just displaying products on a shelf we are doing all our security? No. Proper knowledge and implementation is of utmost importance to all, may it be our defence, our local police or we as civilians too. It’s our moral duty to take care of ourselves and our surroundings.


This month let’s talk about BOOK and PICTURE FRAME hidden Cameras that have long battery back-ups: about 2 YEARS!


This Book / Picture Frame Camera is especially designed for a long-time motion detection and video recording as long as 24 months stand-by upon ONE FULL CHARGE; thus enabling the user to put/hide the camera anywhere for hidden surveillance for months at length without the afterthought od recharge.


It also has a hidden PIR sensor to detect MOTION accurately. As it’s the best way to detect human movement activity actively.





• Easy use of hidden surveillance.


• Hidden PIR to Catch Human Movement. PIR angle 60°.


• Hidden 24 Month battery back-up.


• Full HD 1080P & 30FPS.


• Audio Can be enabled – disabled.


• Night Vision 3 – 5 meters.


• Camera Angle 75°.


• Motion Detection distance: 5-8 Meters and Detection Angle: 60°.


• Record videos in a MICRO SD CARD.





• Use the Camera Only in a perpendicular direction.


• Avoid using the cameras in HOT and HUMID temperatures that might reduce the motion-detection accuracy.


•Once the product is switched ON to MD (PIR MOTION DETECTION MODE). Upon each trigger, there will be about 2 second delay in start up for video recording. So please avoid in places where people pass by too quickly.

• Date and Time can be stamped on the data card inserted through software settings.


• When the Battery is Running out, It will SAVE the last recording completely and then shall power off.


• Please do not insert / Remove the SD Card during a recording as it could damage the SD card.


 We Shall go to any lengths for the SAFETY and SECURITY Products used for safety and security itself of us and our surroundings. 


WE LIVE BY ONE MOTTO: “If we do not have a solution today we shall definitely make one TOMORROW itself. We will leave no stone unturned.”


If We cannot MAKE IN INDIA we shall import them for you. This shall prove that we sell at the BEST and Most competitive prices when you purchase them from our web site:

www.krishproducts.com .


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