Interview With Mr. D.E. Byramjee

Mr. D.E. Byramjee is Executive Vice President And Business Head of Godrej Security Solutions.


1. What is the vision of Godrej Security Solutions for securing the banking sector?


We are in the business of providing peace of mind to our customers and after decades of expertise in security business, Godrej Security Solutions (GSS) is today the leading brand in the industry.


The vision of Godrej Security Solutions to be ‘First Choice for Total Security Solutions’.  Keeping our vision at the forefront, GSS is constantly upgrading, innovating& broadening its profile to provide the market with most effective & comprehensive security range.


2. What are your strategies to improve your company position in India & Global market as well ?


Godrej Security Solutions is a brand of today, geared for tomorrow. GSS has moved beyond being simply a provider of security products to a complete solution provider. Every security concern of the customer is evaluated by time tested protocol which involves security audit, security consultancy and a comprehensive security solution customized for the client along with annual maintenance on turnkey basis. 


Our range of comprehensive security solutions i.e premise security and physical security have applications in various commercial segments including airports, hospitals, hotels, temples, corporates, and government organizations apart from banks where we have established a significant presence.


GSS heavily focuses on R&D and over 1% of its turnover is invested in continuous R&D. This has resulted in GSS products being certified and tested by Underwriters Laboratory USA, Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS), Central Building Research Institute, Electronic Regional Testing Laboratory, SP Sweden, VdS Germany, LPCB UK and ECBS Germany. Our products have also been certified by Automotive Research Association of India (ARAI) which is the only BIS accredited laboratory in India. ARAI uses the most advanced tools and techniques and gives a detailed report to BIS after which BIS give licence to the manufacturer. GSS Brand has thus earned the trust and respect from its consumers, both in the B2B and B2C category.


GSS also has a wide sales and service network to cater to the before and after sales service of all its consumers. We have a well-established distribution network which has a pan India presence of more than 650 dealers and more than 1100 retail touch points and growing.


All the above measures have resulted in market leadership. In the domestic scenario, for physical security products we occupy close to 70% of the market share in the banking segment. 


3. What are the areas that must be covered by the Security solutions for the banking sectors ?


In the recent times, we have not only seen an increase in the number of theft incidents but also the use of modern tools & technologies to commit crimes. 


Sophisticated tools such as high-end cutters & torches are being used to break-in security. Hence, the challenge for the industry today is to stay one step ahead and constantly upgrade to adopt the most relevant technology in security & be aware of the standards which govern these technologies.  Going forward, this in my mind will be the most critical step for ensuring security.


We have always known that physical security should be the last line of defence in every bank, security guards & CCTVs being the first. However, more than often, we have seen in India that physical security is the only defence when it comes to security. Therefore, it is imperative that we move towards comprehensive solutions.


The security system should be designed to act as a deterrent and it should be able to prevent burglary/ mugging/forced entry, etc. The correct balance of electronic security, which includes Closed Circuit TV and burglar alarms and physical security, can stop major violations of security.


4. What integration are set as Ideal Solution For ATMs security ?


ATMs are very soft targets for untoward incidents of robberies, mugging etc. Currently, ATMs have electromagnetic locks which restrict entry to only valid card holders. These access control solutions should be integrated with the monitoring and surveillance solutions so as to provide a comprehensive solution. In case of any forced entry, the CCTV should be able to capture footage and at the same time, alarms should be raised.


5. What role do CCTVs  play in the banking Security ?


CCTVs and other access control measures play a vital role in bank security and are the first line of security that banks must employ.The goal of CCTV systems is to prevent crime and disorder through deterrence.


A network camera IP surveillance system offers the major advantage of enabling security personnel to monitor the remote ATM locations, the branch lobbies, offices, cash-processing centres or the headquarters building from anywhere on the network. IP network camera of the PTZ (Pan, Tilt and Zoom) dome camera not only captures and delivers images, but also compresses them digitally, and makes it possible to quickly provide photos that can identity and apprehend suspected criminals. This evidence can also be used as proof in a court of law.


The RBI had stipulated that all banks in the district should install CCTV and other security gadgets in the banking hall as well as in peripheral areas of the branch for the safety of branches/customers by detecting the movement of suspicious people in its Report of the High Level Group on Systems and Procedures for Currency Distribution dated 11 Aug 2009


CCTV cameras should be employed perimeter and parking areas, lobbies, drive-up windows, strong room doors and ATMS. 



6. How do you prepare yourself to make path to reach goals in the Indian market ?


Godrej products have always been known for their quality and this trust by the consumers has never dwindled over the last 114 years. Our utmost emphasis is on maintaining highest standards and quality which is why we subject our products to the most stringent testing laboratories both domestic and international.


GSS is an ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certified division of Godrej and Boyce. We also have OSHAS 18001 certification. We follow the Internal Management System (IMS) process, which caters to each and every aspect right from manufacturing right till final delivery and installation of the products. This ensures that all processes in the division are seamlessly linked for better productivity,, efficiency and effectiveness.


Our IMS process includes various aspects like capturing customers voice, development and conceptualization of products, communication etc.


In our constant endeavor to excel, we also participate in the CII Business Excellence Assessment, where all processes and systems are constantly reviewed and relevant changes are made to keep abreast with the best practices in the industry.


We are happy to say that this year we were Recognized by CII for ‘Strong Commitment to Excel’ and Good Management Practice in the area of People Management.


7. Can you share your recent achievements with our readers ?


In terms of installations, some of our key installations include premise security solutions at GMR airport Hyderabad, Indian Space Research Organization, Guwahati High Court, BPCL, Siddhivinayak Temple, Bank of Rajasthan and many more such installations.


GSS is also the recipient of the powerful Powerbrand andSuper Brand status. These awards are given to companies, which are successfully taking on and beating their global competitors in their own unique ways. 


Our products have also been tested by Automotive Research Association of India (ARAI), which is the only BIS accredited laboratory in India. ARAI, uses the most advanced tools and techniques and gives a detailed report to BIS. Only then does BIS give licence to the manufacturer. GSS Brand has thus earned the trust and respect from its consumers, both in the B2B and B2C category.



8. Future promise of the Godrej ?


We are very ambitious and our Goal is to be amongst the top 3 brands in the global physical security market by FY’16 with 8% global market share. 


9. Can you elaborate some of the topline security products for the banking sector ?


It is always our endeavor to constantly provide our customers with the latest and most innovative products and solutions. 


In the physical security space, GSS’ newest range of ultramodern safes, the Defender Z+ with Physiotronics range that employs the latest in technology to ensure these safes are far more advanced than any other safes in the same category since they can “See, Sense and Secure” in a manner never seen before. These safes have various features such as Intellisense and Eyefi which prevent unauthorized usage, misuse through duplication of key and a CCTV for secret monitoring and recording. It also gives an alarm in the form of a soft jingle in case the safe is open and is both torch and tool resistant.

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