T P Singh, Flir Systems India Pvt. Ltd.

Q1) Kindly brief us about your company and different solutions you provide.


FLIR is Global leader in the design, manufacture and marketing of thermal imaging cameras for a wide variety of applications that offers affordable, fully integrated thermal imaging and measurement solutions for applications such as Predictive Maintenance, condition monitoring, R&D, Fire fighting, security and surveillance etc. Our thermography products are extensively being used globally.

FLIR is listed on NASDAQ and our 2014 global turnover was USD 1.5 Billion. We have approx. 3000 employees globally.



Q2) Few words about your India operations please.


FLIR is present in India since 2011 and the business has been growing very good. We have many happy customers in India who are using our products for different applications.



Q3) If you have to explain the technology behind your products to a new person, how will you do that.


This is an interesting technology. As a theory, almost all objects around us emit infrared(IR) radiations which our eyes cannot see.  

See image below- Infrared energy 


(A) coming from an object is focused by the optics (B) onto an  infrared detector (C) The detector sends the information to sensor electronics (D) for image  processing. The electronics translate the data coming from the detector into an image 


(E) that can be viewed in the viewfinder or on a standard video monitor or LCD screen.


Infrared thermography is the art of transforming an infrared image into a radiometric one; every pixel in a radiometric image is actually a temperature measurement, so temperature values to be read from the image. This makes the thermal imaging camera a perfect tool for firefighting applications.

Since IR radiations are everywhere, these cameras have application almost at all the places.



Q4) What are main firefighting applications for these TIC.


The main applications are listed below:-


A) Seeing through Smoke - Thermal cameras can see through smoke, giving firefighters better situational awareness, both of where they are in the building, and where they are in relation to their team members. It also helps them find people trapped in the fire. 

Thermal cameras are also vital tools when helping firefighters attack the fire. Obviously, the fire itself is easy to see in a thermal imager, but the relatively cold water being sprayed from the hoses also shows up clearly on a thermal image, so firefighters can make sure they get water on the fire as effectively and efficiently as possible.

With the FLIR K-Series you can see clearly through smoke


B) Measuring Temperatures - K-Series thermal cameras can measure temperature from a distance, helping protect firefighters against a dangerous phenomenon called rollover – the stage of a fire in which unburned, superheated gases gathered at the ceiling in an enclosed area ignite. 


By monitoring the temperature of the ceiling with the thermal camera while trying to cool down the smoke, they can know that if the temperature exceeds a certain value a rollover may be imminent and react appropriately.


C) Search & Rescue - Firefighters do more than fight fires – often they're called on to find missing or injured people. A thermal camera's ability to see in the dark makes it an invaluable tool in SAR missions.


D) Wildfires - Thermal imaging cameras show clearly the hot spots where “Underground Fire” is still burning. By further extinguishing and cooling down the area spontaneous combustion can be prevented.


E) Overhaul - During Overhaul the burned area is carefully examined for hot spots that can cause the fire to reignite. These “Hot Spots” will clearly show up on a thermal image so that they can be further cooled down or extinguished.



Q5) How this camera helps to prevent Fire.


Thermal Imaging is an effective tool to prevent fire which happen due to loose electrical connections. Thermal Camera can see the heat being generated by loose connections much before our eyes can notice. If proper preventive maintenance schedule is followed and preventive action is taken, this can prove to be a very effective equipment for fire prevention applications.



Q6) Thermal Cameras used to be very costly. How come your new fire fighting camera is priced so low.


FLIR makes more thermal Imaging cameras in a year than any other manufacturer. Wherever thermal cameras are being used in applications as diverse as predictive maintenance, building diagnostics, R&D, automation– FLIR is there. This incredible volume of cameras lets us produce them more affordable and pass that savings on to customers.



Q7) Are there any new developments ? What are latest new features in these devices ?


Yes, there. 

A) Being able to store video clips on an internal memory is important during firefighting training. Also real interventions can be recorded. Video clips can be evaluated afterwards for training purposes. FLIR K55 can store 200 files (images or video clips). It records up to 600 minutes in video in clips of maximum 5 minutes each.


B) K-Series cameras can be upgraded over the internet by downloading the latest firmware updates, so users will never have to send their cameras back for routine upgrades.


C) Flexible Scene Enhancement (FSX)- Details in the thermal image are enhanced through digital image processing inside the camera. The result is an ultra-sharp thermal image that shows more detail. FSX makes it easier for firefighters to find their way in smoke filled rooms. Even in scenes with extreme temperature dynamics that are typical for a firefighting environment. Examples are:-


Thermal image > with FSX



Q8) Are these cameras rugged and come with good backup warranty ?


We are maintaining highest standard of quality and our products confirm the same. Every K-Series camera is backed by a full 2-year warranty, but that's only the start: the heart of the camera, the infrared detector, is covered by a full 10-year warranty. 

Only FLIR can cover the detector for 10 years because we design and manufacture the detectors ourselves so we have full control over the quality of these vital components.



Q9) Other than Thermal Cameras, Do you have any other type of equipments ?


Yes, we do have complete range of test and Measurement equipments including clamp meter, volt and Ammeters , vibration meters, sound meters, Lux meters etc.



Q 10) Last Question, Mr. Singh, Whats your background ?


I am a graduate Engineer with degree of B.E in Electronics and Communication. I did my management course from IIM, Calcutta and have more than 21 years of work experience. I am responsible for Sales of Instruments division of FLIR in India.



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