Interface with Mr. Ganesh Jivani Managing Director of Matrix Comsec.

1. Brief us about Matrix Comsec.

A. Matrix was founded in the year 1991 as a product development and marketing company.

Our initial products were Telecommunication products, consisting of PBX and Media Gateways.

We were always exploring opportunities for expanding our business. Security domain made perfect

sense because of its adjacencies to our existing Telecom business on all three dimensions -

technologies, channel network and end customers. We started working on Security solutions from

2007. Diversification was relatively easy for us. We started by first adding Access Control and Time-

Attendance solutions. Later on, we added IP Video Surveillance solutions. Currently we are focusing

on four business domains - IP Telephony, Access Control, Time-Attendance and IP Video Surveillance.

Matrix is indigenous in all its core business activities including R&D, manufacturing, marketing,

sales and technical support. All Matrix products are indigenously designed at the Matrix R&D Center.

We market our products under the brand name Matrix through 1,000+ channel partners across India

and overseas. We work hand-in-hand with our channel partners and system integrators during

pre-sales, sales, installation and after-sales support.


2. Do you have a particular agenda, any case study that you would like to highlight?

A. Coca-Cola Secured its Manufacturing Units at Pirangut and Kudus, Maharashtra, India with Matrix Biometric Device

Project Highlights:

Application: Access Control

Users: 1500+

Devices: 40+

Location: Kudus and Pirangut, Maharashtra, India

Credential Type: Fingerprint (with Optical Sensor)

Industry: Manufacturing


Company Profile:

Coca-Cola's history began in 1886 and since then it has emerged as one of the most valued brands

with a net worth of $74 billion. The company owns and markets more than 500 beverage brands

across 200+ countries. Over the last 23 years, ever since its re-entry in 1993 in India, the company

has gone on to establish an unmatched portfolio of beverages.

The Company along with its bottling partners, through a strong network of over 2.6 million retail

outlets, touches the lives of millions of consumers. Its brands are some of the most preferred and

most sold beverages in the country.



Coca-Cola has established its manufacturing units in Kudus and Pirangut, Maharashtra, India and was

looking for biometric solutions to secure their premises. Coca-Cola required individual servers at

both locations. Their prime requirement was to restrict unauthorized user entry into secured area.

Moreover, they required user punch i.e. events for both the locations separately. However, shortage

of power supply ports at both the locations was a major problem. Providing separate power for door

lock, biometric device and exit switch was a concern. Coca-Cola was in search of a solution where

the basic requirements of user events as well as power issue for devices are solved easily.


Solution Offered:

In order to overcome the challenge Matrix offered individual software platforms that act as a server

for both locations Kudus and Pirangut. In order to resolve the challenge that shortage of power

supply port presented, Matrix offered its premium range of biometric device which itself offers

power to door lock and exit switch. Thus, Matrix biometric solution helped in solving both the

challenges faced by Coca-Cola.


Solution Diagram:

COSEC biometric devices have the capability to supply power to door locks and exit switch/reader

from the devices itself.



• Restrict Unauthorized Users to Secure Premises

• Reduction in Cumbersome HR Tasks

• Accurate Maintenance of User Data


The Products

Product                   Quantity        Description

COSEC DOOR FOP          40           Fingerprint and Card based Door Controller with LCD, Keypad and USB

COSEC CENTRA ME          1           Application Server Platform with 500 Users and Expandable up to

                                                  1,000 Users for Basic Access Control and Raw Event Data

COSEC CENTRA LE           1          Application Server Platform with 1,000 Users and Expandable up to

                                                  One Million Users for Basic Access Control and Raw Event Data


3. The Security skills gap to be in the news every week. What measures need to be taken in

government and industry to address this?

A. Terrorism is undoubtedly a major issue in India. The key challenges are to ensure enhanced

security to identify the scenarios that lead to security breach and define the roles and

responsibilities of industries and in taking the liability to secure our country. However,

the government is also taking all necessary measures to counter the incipient threat.

Still, a holistic approach needs to be adopted by government.

Government officials have installed surveillance products but implementation and the correct

method is what they are lacking at. Surveillance is used more as an analysis tool rather than using it

as preventive security. Intelligent Video Analytics are embedded in Video Surveillance for foolproof

security through which the whole surveillance for government can be enhanced and future threats

can be prevented.


4. What role or initiative does Matrix plays in Smart Cities Mission?

A. After focusing on villages for 60+ years, it is refreshing to see the government focusing on our

cities. Smart City is a an excellent concept covering all the dimensions affecting our lives including

air, water, noise, traffic, sanitation, health, safety, recreation, etc. It is impressive and motivating to

see the cities and their administration and citizens working wholeheartedly on such comprehensive

and transformational projects. No wonder, these cities are slowly and steadily but surely

metamorphosing from squalid urban sprawl to well managed modern cities. We and our system

integrators are working closely on offering IP Video Surveillance solutions. Matrix has designed a

modular and scalable centralized video surveillance management system that meets demanding

needs of city surveillance.

We supply many products to government and semi-government organizations. For example, Matrix

is a preferred supplier for Aadhar based student attendance system in one large Indian state. Matrix

also supplies telecom equipment to defense including Indian Army, BSF, CRPF, Air Force and Indian



5. What part does the security and telecom industry have to play in India vision for


A. Make in India will build manufacturing ecosystem in India. GST will simplify indirect taxes on

goods and services. This will make it very easy to move products and services across the country,

bringing huge efficiency dividends. Similarly, policies on export promotion encourage companies to

invest and develop export business from India.


6. Matrix is winner of many national and international awards for developing innovative products.

What role does your R & D team plays in order to enhance the product?

A. Matrix is one of the few indigenous R&D companies having independent design capabilities in

hardware, engineering, embedded software, applications software and mobile applications.

The R&D of Matrix has more than 40% of its human resources dedicated to the development of new

products. Matrix R&D is the foundation of its growth and substance. The R&D team designs products

conforming to relevant international standards. Matrix makes substantial investment in R&D tools

and equipment for latest technological upgrades.


7. How Far the matrix satisfy the objective to provide rich understanding of solutions to

customers. How does your Technical support and service give their best and understand the

customer need?

A. We work very closely with our channel partners in all the areas including marketing, sales, supply

and support. They benefit from cutting-edge technology, field proven solutions, marketing-sales-

technical trainings, solution design assistance, presentations and sales calls help, immediate supply,

technical support during installation, technical help during customer complaints and efficient and

cost-effective RMA services. From end-customer perspective, Matrix channel partners and SI manage

all first-level support in the field. They contact Matrix for any issues they could not resolve.

We operate a 24x7 support center to help our partners resolve field issues promptly.

For RMA, we ensure four days turn-around time for repair-and-return of any hardware product

whether in or out of warranty.


8. What are your tactical and strategic aims for the coming years?

A. We aim to offer new solutions and products to consolidate our presence in the targeted markets.

In the physical security domain, we will continue focusing on People Mobility Management solutions

including Access Control, Time-Attendance and IP Video Surveillance. In Telecom, Matrix will

strengthen its Unified Communications and Convergence solutions. Our vision is to build Matrix as a

world class Security and Telecom solutions and services company, operating all over the world.


9. Matrix Latest innovation in security & telecom industry?

A. All Matrix products are indigenously designed passing through various product development

stages. With more than 40% of its human resources dedicated to development of new products,

Matrix R&D is the foundation of its growth and sustenance. Matrix has launched cutting-edge

products like Video Surveillance solutions, Access Control, Time-Attendance, IP-PBX, Unified

Communication Server, Universal Media Gateways, feature-rich User Terminals, Convergence

solution, VOIP Gateways and GSM Gateways. Matrix is committed to keep pace with the revolutions

in Telecom and Security industries. With excellent technology support, foresight and understanding

of the ever changing market requirements, Matrix has developed a wide variety of solutions that are

both user and business friendly.

Matrix Security and Telecom solutions have won many international awards for their superior

aesthetic and reliable engineering. They are specifically designed for demanding enterprise

applications using cutting-edge technologies and components for enhanced performance for years.

Mentioned below are our recent introductions:


  • COSEC VYOM: It is a smartly designed cloud based system that uses services deployed on a cloud

server. COSEC VYOM promises more achievement with minimum resources without initial

investment. It reduces the cost of assets needed in the form of hardware, software and network

devices. It is specifically designed to provide cloud based Time-Attendance and Access Control

solutions that offer a superlative range of suppleness in attendance policies, integration and report



  • Aadhar Enabled Biometric Attendance System: Matrix has launched its cutting edge Fingerprint and

RFID Card based Aadhaar Enabled Time-Attendance Terminal - COSEC VEGA FAXQ. Matrix expands

its Time-Attendance portfolio to meet the functional requirements for employee time tracking

system of Government organizations. COSEC VEGA FAXQ is the first embedded Linux based Aadhaar

enabled biometric device registered on AEBAS Server. This device offers unique advantages in terms

of connectivity, technology, usage, environment and ease of use. This device supports fingerprint as

well as Mifare smart card as credential.


  • COSEC FMX10: Matrix COSEC DOOR FMX10 is a high performance door controller with multispectral

sensor technology. It reads both - the surface and the subsurface of a finger producing more

accurate image even when the finger surface features are difficult to read due to dirt, overuse, age

or tough environmental conditions. Powered by a high speed processor and fingerprint detection

algorithm, DOOR FMX10 is specifically engineered for high security applications including Defense,

Airports, R&D Labs, Banks and Industries such as Mining, Construction and Heavy Manufacturing for

their access control and time-attendance needs. This unique identification process outperforms all

other fingerprint sensors and offers robust and reliable biometric information of the user.


  • Bluetooth based Access Control: Matrix "Your Mobile is Your Identity" offers Bluetooth technology

based identification of users. This technology allows users to open doors by simply pairing their

mobile's Bluetooth with the inherent Bluetooth of the door controller. The users will be required to

pair their device only once after which, they will be able to gain access by merely twisting their

mobile phones in the vicinity of the entry/exit point.


  • Matrix SARVAM UCS: The Unified Communication Server is engineered to meet the Collaboration,

Communication, Messaging and Mobility of the modern enterprises. Matrix is a pioneer in providing

best IP-PBX Phone System for Enterprises since 1997. Recently, Matrix has taken a technology leap

and moved a step ahead by launching Unified Communication Servers. Unified Communication

server combines features of IP-PBX system in addition to mobility, collaboration and messaging

features. With IP at core and on-board voicemail functionality, the solution caters to the needs of

the modernistic enterprises. SARVAM UCS ENT is a server software which runs on ETERNITY

MENX/LENX - The next-generation hardware platforms. The next-generation platforms support up to

99 VOIP (SIP) trunks, 64 GSM ports, 8/24 T1/E1 ISDN PRI ports, 32 ISDN BRI ports and 128 Analog

trunks with up to 2,000 UC users, 128 digital users and 512/1296 Analog users. SARVAM UCS ENT is a

future-proof solution with seamless connectivity to all pervasive legacy and new generation wireless

telecom networks like POTS, ISDN, T1/E1 and GSM/3G.


  • Matrix VARTA: Powered by SARVAM UCS, the Mobility Extension offers employees with the

flexibility of accessing their features of desk extensions from their handheld terminals. Offering

features differentiated in three categories such as Essential/ Professional/ Collaboration, the

mobility application takes communication convenience a notch higher for the mobile employees.

The UC client offers real-time features such as Video Calling, Presence Sharing, Instant Messaging,

Drag-and-Drop Conference and BLF Keys (up to 600).


10. If you had one minute to tell the learners about the information security industry security

industry as career option, what would you say?

A. Security industry as a career option could prove to be a great stepping stone. There are a lot of

career options in the security industry in the market today. It ranges from door controllers to CCTV

operators, or transit driver to the secret investigators, from which the one suiting your interest can

be chosen. For anyone willing to pursue his career in the security industry, it is necessary for him/her

to have interest in public welfare and customer care.


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