Mr. Manoj Khadkikar - Expediently Integrating Products And Services For Channel Partners

Q. How is Zicom repositioning its distribution strategy?


A. The Indian security products distribution market is relatively matured today. Most of the distribution companies’ business models revolve around selling boxes. Until recently, Zicom was doing the same. As the market matures, the products and technology become standardised and commoditized and services emerge as the clear differentiators. Zicom Command Centre Services and the vast service support network have helped us to increment the value proposition to our channel partners and customers. 


Q. Can you define the service model?


A. Zicom platform is based upon Internet of things, monetising the internet, powered by cloud technology through which we offer 24x7 security   solutions wherever and whenever the customer needs it 


Q. Does this mean Zicom’s products will now be offered with “Remote Managed Services”?


A. Yes, Zicom’s Fire Alarms, Intruder Alarms, CCTV Systems, etc will now be offered with Zicom Command Centre Services. We are of the firm belief that customers do not buy just hardware. Instead, they buy peace of mind along with the products for which we offer our critical services. 


Q. What is the value proposition to the customer?


A. We offer holistic end-to-end services which have multiple advantages. First, it’s a comprehensive service offering, second it’s the need of the customer, third it makes the investment almost risk-free and the solution fool-proof and lastly, it differentiates Zicom from competition since we do not believe in selling just hardware. In monetary terms, it enhances the revenue of the channel partner since additional income can now be generated through services apart from merely offering products.

It’s our belief and philosophy that products are just enablers. Our Remote Managed Services (RMS) fully ensures our customers “Feels Safe”


Q. The channel partner’s mindset to sell products and services is different, how will Zicom handle these challenges with respect to its channel partners?


A. As is seen in all other industries, partners currently selling security solutions also need to gear up to embrace the change that this industry is experiencing. We fully appreciate and acknowledge this needs a mindset change. Zicom will soon launch several initiatives toward changing channel partners’ mindset with increased focus on productization of services for enhancing the value offering to the customers.


Q. What are the services the channel partners will be offered?


A.  We have multiple services which the channel partners can offer to their valued customers.

e – Alert – Alarm Monitoring with Video Verification

e- Sense – Fire Monitoring

e – Watch – CCTV Monitoring for alerts

e- Attend – Attendance Monitoring (Powered by cloud)

e – Count – Monitoring Customer Foot Falls (Powered by cloud)

e – ATM – Monitoring ATM Safety and Security 


All services are 24 x7 and backed with response management in case of emergency.  Further, customized MIS reports can be accessed by the customer by a simple secured login. 


Q. How big is the e – SaaS (Security as a Service) market in India? 


A. As per a recent report of Deloitte, the Indian services market is estimated to be around Rs 580 crore growing at a GAGR of 16%. Currently, we offer our on-ground services in over 1000 locations across the country. We cover tier 1 to 5 cities effectively. We plan to cover another 300 cities in the near future.


Q. What’s the demographic of the customers?


A. Our valued customers comprise Hotels, Hospitals, Banking & Financial Services Industry (BSFI), Small Office Home Office (SOHO), Educational Institutions and others.  


Q.  Are the services being offered only to Zicom Channel Partners?


A.  No, we are offering our services to all the channel partners who believe in our philosophy of making customers “Feel Safe”. 


Q. Are these services first of its kind in our country?


A. Yes,   very much. We are pioneering this concept; it’s a paradigm change in the way we shall now offer products to our valued customers.


🔀APRIL 2019