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Quantity or Quality ? CCTV Video Backup Storage

Wednesday, September 21

" We store data for 7 days"
" We store data for 30 days"
" We store data for 3 months

" We store data for 6 months"


Where will this end ?  Clearly, there is no 'standard' or any particular reasoning behind the number of days, months, or years, of storing CCTV Video Backup Storage. The extent of time keeps on increasing to give a sense of satisfaction that "we are well covered, if we have 6 months of footage".

To which my question is "What if an incident found today, needs to be related to something that happened,
6 months ago? How will you ever get the data?"


The answer lies therefore in 'Quality' of data, not 'Quantity'. Users of CCTV are all aware that Video data by itself is very heavy in terms of size. If one has hundreds of cameras, think about the amount of storage that will be needed, if one has to store the same for 6 months! If one is considering Cloud Storage, one also needs to think of the bandwidth consumption.

The moral of the story therefore, is that there must be some means that apart from the user's needs (could be days, months or years), there must be a mechanism to also Backup 'relevant' data which is easily searchable, and can be stored for a hundred years if need be.


COM-SUR can help! Let us understand how this is done.


Once a user installs COM-SUR on a PC, COM-SUR converts the same into Screenshots at every ONE second; in effect, it therefore captures the 'moment' of the number of frames that make up THAT SECOND. This is the first step to reducing the data size, since the unnecessary frames (So to speak) have been 'merged' into that Screenshot. Further, if the user is viewing SIXTEEN cameras at a time, COM-SUR will take Screenshots of those SIXTEEN cameras in one Screenshot. This is a further reduction, since the size of a Screenshot is no more than about 150 kb on an average of all SIXTEEN cameras. 




Since COM-SUR makes Auditing of the Screenshots like a breeze, once a user has Audited a day's data, she/he can decide to (a) Either Delete the same (b) Tag the RELEVANT ones for future use.

Once the Screenshots have been Tagged, they become easily searchable, and as mentioned earlier, they can be searched for after a hundred years (so to speak) if need be.




Here is a chart that depicts how much higher is CCTV Video in terms of the Screenshots that
COM-SUR captures. Three Resolutions have been considered:



1 MP



Video Data Size Considerations: Frame Rate 25FPS, Video Quality: Standard, Compression:
H.264 & H.265

COM-SUR Data Size Considerations: Screenshot Interval: 1 Second. Further REDUCTION would occur if the interval is increased by JUST ONE SECOND.

Note: All data is approximate.


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