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Hikvision & Cisco Hold Parley On Cybersecurity Collaboration

* Cisco lauds  Hikvision’s dedication to safe R&D management

* Hikvision resolves to strengthen its research on security technologies.

* Reiterates commitment to improve cybersecurity


Hikvision, the world’s leading supplier of innovative video surveillance products and solutions announced that it held a joint meeting in late April 2017 with Cisco, the worldwide leader in IT and networking at Hangzhou, China on cybersecurity collaboration.


The meeting marked the successful completion of the first phase of a collaboration that began in December 2016. Cisco is sharing its professional and sophisticated cybersecurity management experience and technologies with Hikvision, facilitating Hikvision’s globalization process. 


During the April  meeting, CISCO cybersecurity experts reviewed results of first phase of the project and shared relevant experience and advice on the next step. They also recognized and lauded Hikvision’s dedication to safe R&D management. 


Mr.Weiqi Wu, VP at Hikvision, said that Hikvision is committed to the highest possible levels of cybersecurity. “Although the company’s cybersecurity best practices are industry-leading, cybersecurity efforts must be ongoing. Going forward, Hikvision will continue to assess and improve its cybersecurity efforts in the R&D process, and strengthen its research on security technologies. Hikvision will also continue to deepen its collaboration and communication with the world’s top-notch cybersecurity companies, such as Cisco, to further improve cybersecurity in the security industry.”




Cybersecurity is the body of technologies, processes and practices designed to protect networks, computers, programs and data from attack, damage or unauthorized access. In a computing context, security includes both cybersecurity and physical security. Cybersecurity problems and attacks cause billions of dollars in losses every year. Beyond having an economic impact, they also have an impact in our daily lives as our technology dependence continues to grow. According to Forbes, the global cybersecurity market reached $75 billion for 2015 and is expected to hit $170 billion in 2020.


About Cisco


Cisco Systems, Inc. (known as Cisco) was founded in December 1984 by Leonard Bosack and Sandy Lerner, two Stanford University computer scientists, who pioneered the concept of a local area network (LAN) being used to connect geographically disparate computers over a multiprotocol router system. It is a multinational technology conglomerate headquartered in San José, California, in the center of Silicon Valley. The company  develops, manufactures, and sells networking hardware, telecommunications equipment, and other high-technology services and products. Through its numerous acquired subsidiaries, such as OpenDNS, WebEx, and Jasper, Cisco specializes into specific tech markets, such as Internet of Things (IoT), domain security, and energy management. Cisco is the largest networking company in the world.             


About Hikvision


Hikvision is the world’s largest supplier of video surveillance products and solutions. The company specializes in video surveillance technology, as well as designing and manufacturing a full-line of innovative CCTV and video surveillance products. The product line ranges from cameras and DVRs to video management software. With the largest R&D team in the industry and state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities, Hikvision offers customers the benefit of world-class products that are designed with cutting-edge technology. For more information, please visit Hikvision’s website       


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