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GSM Based Guard Sleep Monitoring Alarm System

Security is very important aspect to protect the luxurious and more expensive things.  Guards can be used to prevent crime, maintain security,
and assist to people. So, we use to dependent on security guards and the presence of security guard provide piece of mind to us.


But what if he fails (by sleeping in midnight and thief grab the opportunity!!)   How will you ensure that guards are working in midnight because many such thefts are happenings in midnight only. Simply having a security guard present is  not a great deterrent to crime Have you been ever face such problem by a thief when your
security guard in a deep sleep, if yes   then don’t worry we have found very innovative solution  for it which makes your guard always alert / awake on duties.


To avoid this kind of condition, We are pleased to introduce Vighnahatra make “Guard Sleep GSM Alarm ”
which is Make in India and new innovative product with helpful features.


It is the Anti- Guard Sleep Alarm, which generate alert after 30 minutes (programmable) if guard doesn’t acknowledge this system within 1 minute (programmable).  


Guard is bound to acknowledge the beep after every 1 minute, if he fails do that, alarm system send a SMS or call to owner/user’s /supervisor’s cell phone and generates
the beep alarm.


Inbuilt GSM Autodialer having capacity to send a call or SMS up to 10 numbers.


If one user’s phone will not connect then immediately it will call to next number.


Guard sleep alarm kit includes small siren, Panic switch, & adaptor. Application of the product is very essential for societies/commercial complex, Bungalows, jewelry shops,
ATM center etc.


Some key features of GSGA:


* Can be integrated bio-matrix input for acknowledgement.


* Separate function for silent switch.


* Can be use as central monitoring via GPRS.


* Time can be programmable by user.


* Settable arming & disarming time.


* Voice message recording facilities.


* GSM signal strength indication.


* Power ON fail alert.



Dilip Sonawane ,

BU Head: Intrusion Detection

Mob:- 91 9011096247