Product Highlights


SATATYA NVR3204X NVR with 4K Support

Matrix NVRs are packed with high end processors to deliver functionalities like high resolution recording,

playback, simultaneous local and remote monitoring, along with storing for higher n


Introducing ZKT's Tripod Turnstiles Series- TS1000 & TS2000 Pro

•TS1000 / 2000 Pro Tripod Turnstile

•TS1011 / 2011 Pro Tripod Turnstile (w/ controller and RFID reader)

•TS1022 / 2022 Pro Tri




• Ideal Intelligent & Interactive Teaching Tool


• Multi-subject Themes & Images With MultiMedia Resources 


• Real


COSEC ARC IO800 & Port Input/Output Controller

In an organization, there are multiple devices functioning for various applications that are required to be controlled effectively. Hence an I/O Controller provides the flexibility to control and m


Matrix Launches 2MP Camera with Back-illuminated Sensor for Crystal Clear Night Vision

Matrix launches the all new range of 2MP IP Cameras to wear off the challenges introduced by ordinary cameras, in turn leading to transparent surveillance. Matrix 2MP Camera incorporates SONY&rsquo


COSEC Standalone Access Control Solution

Security has become a major concern across the globe. Essentially, this requires restricting unauthorized people from reaching pre-defined areas while ensuring easy access for authorized people. Ma


ZKTeco introduces New Swing Barrier & New Single / Dual lane Flap Barrier Series

Swing Barrier- SBT1000S Series



Carbon Monoxide (CO), Nitric Oxide (NO) & Natural Gas (CNG) Gas Detection in Under Ground Car Parking Area

Exhaust fumes emanating from fuel burning vehicles are highly toxic and can result in sickness and even death, if not ventilated properly. By monitoring the concentration of these fumes and ventila


GSM Based Guard Sleep Monitoring Alarm System

Security is very important aspect to protect the luxurious and more expensive things.  Guards can be used to prevent crime, maintain security,
and assist to people. So,


Multi Channel Gas Leak Monitoring System

The Model TC-800 is Micro controller based scanner type Multi Channel compact design for easy wall mounted with decent look with weatherproof polycarbonate IP65 c


How to reduce the cost of gas detection with the right solution.

How to reduce the cost of gas detection with the right solution

Competition in the global market place has helped to drive down the cost


Smarter Homes Through Slope of Enlightenment to the Plateau of Productivity

Like any other technology, HACS (Home Automation, Control and Security) has evolved over the time to an extent where it is relatively much smarter, easier to use and easier on the