Avtron Technologies Llc Enters Indian Market With Ul, Ce, Fcc Approved Cctv Range And Unveils More Than 100 Models

AVTRON Technologies LLC is US based Company that specializes in Designing, Manufacturing and Supply of Video Surveillance Products & Systems.  AVTRON Technologies is the most adored choice, trusted to provide a level of security second to none. We have been developing the most Advance Systems with latest Features such as Wide Dynamic Range (WDR) including True WDR and Soft WDR, Digital Noise Rejection (DNR) - Normal to 3 Level DNR, Smart IR Function, Digital Slow Shutter (DSS) for True Day & Night Vision and many more latest features are developed and modified as per the need of market. 


Our core business was in Electronics and Hardware designing. We design the Systems as per the requirement of Clients. Later our experience, capability, and R&D resources enabled us to make any OEM/ODM integration. We work with individuals and companies at all phases of designing and manufacturing, from concept to finish, in a highly focused effort to bring industry level products and services to the Customers.  We understand that Users always need different kinds of Products & Solution, hence, we provide the customized Products & Services through OEM & ODM.


Along with this we also manufacture Products with AVTRON Brand. We have got achievement and our Products have been appreciated and accepted around the world including US, Latin America, Europe, Asia and Middle East Countries.

We have a strong R&D Team and resources to ensure the high quality of our Products which makes us confident and reliable to manufacture the Products at such a level that reaches and meets the requirements of Approvals and Certifications. Our Products meet UL, CE, FCC, and RoHS approvals. An AVTRON Technologies product is your assurance of high-tech, world-class security. We are committed to promote higher standards and quality products with reasonable pricing to meet the demand of today’s increasingly competitive market. We are constantly dedicated in designing most modern products to provide our Customers with more solutions to protect people and properties throughout the globe from smallest requirement to the high end Projects such as City Centers, Airports, Hospitals, Campuses, Commercial &  Industrial Buildings and Retail facilities. AVTRON Technologies delivers powerful, effective surveillance systems for needs of all kinds with a wide range that no other Brand in the Industry has as of now.


We have AVTRON MONARCH Series to cater Premium Segment ranging from 520 TVL to 700 TVL Cameras with UL Certification in most of the Products. For medium level projects, we have AVTRON ATOM Series ranging from 450 TVL to 600 TVL. The range consists of Dome Cameras, Indoor / Outdoor Day & Night cameras, CS Mount cameras, Board Camera, Vandal-Proof Dome Camera, Varifocal Cameras, Speed Dome Cameras, IP Cameras and Stand Alone DVRs such as CIF, D1, and Hybrid from Entry Level to Professional Range.


The CCTV Surveillance Market has been experiencing significant changes due to rising concerns for Safety & Security across the Globe. This has increased the demand for technically advanced Surveillance Systems. Thanks to our R & D Department which is the key behind producing Quality and Excellent Products. We invest into research and development more than ever to extend our business capabilities. We are also involved in new product development and to keep introducing innovative products to meet and exceed our customer’s needs. We know that the CCTV market is changing from Analog to IP & HD-SDI, from D1 level to Megapixel level. But Analog Technology is tried and true and still it’s widely used, and offers a cost-effective answer to many common surveillance scenarios.


Many people have a misconception that IP has Superior scalability than Analog but with the advancements of DVR’s this isn’t true. It is still quicker as opposed to networks unless you happen to have a fiber optic backbone and Analog CCTV solutions can still be highly effective for many surveillance applications, especially those on a budget. 

With traditional CCTV, the video signal is processed and transmitted in analog format for local viewing from one central monitoring location. But that doesn’t mean you can’t use analog cameras for Remote Surveillance Applications. Using other equipment such as Digital Video Recorders and Hybrid DVRs makes it possible to leverage your existing analog cameras while moving into the world of digital surveillance. When one is using the internet to connect multiple sites together analog transmits over the internet faster with less latency using less bandwidth. This allows not only viewing and monitoring a situation in real time but it also allows effective control. Moreover, IP Surveillance Environment requires skilled Network backbone and Professionals for Smooth operations.


Quite simply, analog surveillance cameras cost less than IP surveillance cameras. They also tend to handle low light environments better than IP cameras do, and analog cameras are standardized. Analog CCTV products, which are highly developed and work very well in most applications currently dominate the industry, there are a number of leading companies successfully bringing true digital and IP-based CCTV solutions to the market. But we, at AVTRON, have observed the advantages of both types of technology and understand so we continuously release new Analog cameras such as SV-5, Effio-P together with HD-SDI, HD-IP, IP & Analog. We focus on the Product reliability and believe that “Picture Quality” is the most important thing for the CCTV cameras and this spec is the biggest strength with AVTRON products. And the products have UL certificate and are controlled by quality control every 3 months from UL Company, so these items are managed more systematically.


Eventually, when one has to select a proper Solution, choosing the right Brand is very critical. Here, experience in Designing & Manufacturing both counts and AVTRON does have both and this can help in meeting the Smallest to the High End Security Needs of Customers.

🔀APRIL 2019