Mr Subhasish Gupta, Country Manager - India & SAARC, Allied Telesis.

Q. Would you please give a brief introduction on Allied Telesis and the various products it deals in ?

A. We have state of the art products and solutions, specially designed for security surveillance networks. The requirements in surveillance networks most often is optimum handling of video traffic with least of jitters and time delays. Allied Telesis products are designed to handle video traffic much better than our competitors.

Also, we have unique product offerings like unmanaged switch with POE option, Media convertors that offer apart from media conversion, POE options, well suited for perimeter security kind of applications.


Q. From the industry verticals, which are likely to invest aggressively on technology ?

A. There will be more and more investment into Government public transport (metro rail, airports etc.), Security (video surveillance networks etc.) and infrastructure verticals.

Enterprises will continue to invest on technology front to upgrade/deploy new data center facilities to meet their growing IT applications and services.

There will be huge investment by the education vertical as now more and more institutions are moving to cloud facilities for providing quality education to students. Infact, online training and education programs like MBA, engineering, etc. will utilize more and more bandwidth which in turn will require huge investment on data center facilities.


Q. What all verticals are you catering to with your security solutions ?

A. We are a networking vendor. We have products and solutions to cater to small 10-20 IP camera networks and scale up to network solutions for large campuses & city surveillance networks.


Q. What all are the recent solution offerings by Allied Telesis? To what extent does these offerings helps an organization to build a consolidated infrastructure ?

A. Allied Telesis has in the past half a decade revolutionized the networking industry to a great extent in brining the concept of virtualization. We had believed a decade back that networks would be soon converged and complex applications will run on the IP platform. That is today a truth and we are able to leverage our products and solutions very well in the converged IP applications space-be in data/voice, surveillance or automation on the IP platform.

We have had a spree of new solutions come into the market in the past one year like the stack of X610 series of multilayered products that offers very high level of resiliency, scalability and security to an enterprise. Any infrastructure today has a host of IP applications and the best thing about IP is once integrated, the use of high level of manageability of all the IP services is made easy.


Q. What is the big focus of Allied Telesis today ? What are some of the top priorities for the company in India ?

A. Allied Telesis now in India is a subsidiary to ATKK-Japan, which is where Allied Telesis is headquartered and listed. We are now “Allied Telesis India Pvt Ltd”. Headquartered has earmarked specific investments in India, which includes bigger team strength, launching a comprehensive support-services division, having a world class POC lab exhibiting our intelligent solutions- integrated with our eco-system partner solutions, increasing marketing dollars in our focused markets, building and strengthening on our partnerships and building its 7th global R&D lab out of India.


Q. What kind of trends are you witnessing in the surveillance market ?

A. Surveillance is becoming more and more a serious subject matter. We, as well as certain other complimenting vendors, have done lot of education in the market in the past two years to bring in a lot of understanding as to why and how building security-surveillance in any and every enterprise/cities is so very important.

There is high focus on enabling enterprises, PSU’s and cities with strong and secure surveillance networks. The govt, especially Ministry of Home has taken lot of initiatives in this respect in the past two years. As a result, today we see multiplecities-including tier II and III building city wide surveillance networks.

Also, we are seeing higher rate of adoption by customers to go in for IP based surveillance networks, having understood the factors of easy management and high scalability.

Also, with more penetration, IP camera costs have in the past two years come down quite a lot, enabling organisations to go the IP way.


Q. What are your strategic plans for tapping the potential of this ever expanding surveillance market ?

A. We are well entrenched in this space for the past half a decade. We have Asia’s largest city surveillance network running on Allied Telesis network, which is Bangkok city, having currently close to 22000 IP cameras deployed.

In India, we have recently picked up a large chunk of the network in the national capitals city surveillance project. Also, we have hundreds of surveillance network deployment across the country in different vertical spaces.

As a strategy, we believe, we have worked and built a very strong eco-system to tap the surveillance market, with global complimenting brands as part of this eco-system.


Q. What kind of margin opportunities are there for the channel partners offering surveillance solutions ?

A. Surveillance is a complex subject matter when it comes to mid-large sized projects. It involves multi vendor/multi skill sets that the integration organization need to have. I believe that in surveillance solutions, while there are good margins, but services is what will fetch them much better bottom lines.


Q. When it comes to security and surveillance offerings, where do you see Allied Telesis five years down the line ?

A. I believe we are amongst the top networking brands in the security surveillance space. We intend to add lot more in the next 5 years time to our revenues and have many more customers using Allied Telesis solutions to power their entire IP based security /surveillance networks.


Q. How is the company positioned currently and what kind of market share do you anticipate in future ?

A. Allied Telesis India has been seeing year on year growth which is quite impressive. We have been featured thrice in IDC-India “TOP5” LAN vendors report between 2010 -2012. We have been able to render superlative products/solutions and robust support & services to our strong base of customers. With a plethora of new products to address certain new markets and also strengthens our position in our existing markets. We shall soon see Allied Telesis amongst the top3 networking brands in the country.


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