Mrs. Sujal Shah Sheth (Director), NewAge Fire Fighting Co. Ltd.



NewAge was founded in the year of 1960 at Surendranagar, Gujarat and it has more than 5 decades of experience of manufacturing of various kinds of Fire Fighting Equipment and Fire Fighting Delivery Hoses. NewAge Group of Companies has factories spread over 50,000 square meters at Surendranagar, Gujarat. It has its regional offices in Pune, New Delhi, Ahmedabad, Chennai, Kochi, Vadodara, Kolkata and Bangalore. NewAge also sells its equipment through its efficient network of agents throughout India. NewAge has more than 55 years of experience in selling its products abroad as well and today it exports the products to more than 50 countries. Since its inception, NewAge Group Of Companies are backward integrated and fully self-reliant for its production activities with own foundry and machine shop with daily casting capacity of 22 tons.  NewAge has been a regular supplier of approved and quality goods to sectors like Oil and Gas, Chemical and Fertilizer, Power Plants, Aviation Industry, Construction and Infrastructure, Port Trusts, Defense Establishments and other industries. The Group of Companies employs about 500 people. It is a regular recipient of Export Excellence Awards.



Q2) What is your Product Line and What Approvals do you have on your Products ?


We manufacture firefighting hoses and other equipment made of aluminum, gunmetal as well as stainless steel. They comprise of hydrants, landing valves, branch pipes, nozzles, water monitors, foam monitors, foam units, trailer fire pumps, skid mounted equipment, hose reels, cabinets, gate valves, butterfly valves, foam generators, foam makers, foam inductors and branches, remote operated monitors, fire vehicle pumps, dewatering pumps, smoke extractors and blowers, fire vehicles as well as special purpose vehicles. Our products are in compliance with various national and international standards and they are further certified by reputed certification bodies like: Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS), Underwriter's Laboratory (UL), Factory Mutual (FM), Engineers India Limited (EIL), DGQA, Ministry of Defense, Indian Registrar of Shipping (IRS), British Standard Institution (BSI-Kitemark), Germanischer Lloyd (Wheelmark) etc.


Q3) What Makes NewAge's Equipment's Different from other Suppliers/ Manufactures ?


NewAge with its rich experience of 55 years, has the right mix of technical experts with state-of-art manufacturing facility. We at NewAge are passionate about our business and clearly understand the social responsibility upon our shoulders to secure the premises where our equipment are used. Fire and Safety equipment might be used only once, but at that time, there is no scope of error. Hence quality is the utmost important feature of these products. NewAge is committed to cater its customer with quality products without falling for short-term benefits and that is what differentiates us from any others. Also, NewAge has grown to become the only manufacturer of quality products  in the subcontinent to provide the complete range of quality firefighting equipment starting from fire hoses, couplings, hydrants, nozzles, water foam monitors, foam equipment, sprinkler systems to fire vehicles which makes us a "One Stop Shop".



4) Kindly Elaborate your Commitment Towards Green Environment Movement. What Type of Initiative been taken so Far? How important is Environmental Responsibilities to the Manufacturing Company ?


The greatest challenge that the world is facing at this time is the climate change. Most of the energy sources we use relies heavily on coal, oil, and natural gas for its energy. Fossil fuels are non-renewable and they are leading to air, water and land pollution. To achieve the Government's target to increase India's renewable energy capacity to 175 GW by 2022, the Secretary, Ministry of New and Renewable Energy (MNRE) has invited public and private sector companies and proprietorship firms to invest in the country's renewable energy sector in the five year period from 2015 - 2019.  Our organization has taken the initiative and installed renewable energy sources like wind power and solar power. Our group companies have successfully executed the projects of WTG (Wind Turbine Generator) and solar unit up to 5 Mega Watts in past two years. We firmly believe it is a moral responsibility of every human alive to commit towards green environment to minimize the negative impact on the global or local environment, community, society, or economy at large.



Q5) What Challenges have you Faced in Brand Development? How did you Overcome them ?


Branding is a big challenge in today's competitive and changing times. For any organization, branding is like a long term vision in itself as it should resonate with the goals of the organization and also motivate the employees. The real challenge is carving the Newage brand on end user's mind. For that we mainly focus on our goal of customer delight! Only if customer is satisfied with over all experience and interaction with Newage, it has much deeper impact on the Brand Loyalty. There are lot of duplicate branded products also available in the market and to safeguard our customers from falling in that trap, we educate them to look for NewAge Trademark Logo before purchasing and installing the products in their premises.



Q6) What role does your R & D Team Plays in rder to enhance your Products ?


Constant research and development is very important for any manufacturing company. The investment made in Research and development is actually about technology and future capabilities of any organization for betterment of the products and processes. NewAge has a dedicated R&D team which constantly strives to come up with new designs, new products, better quality, national and international approvals on the existing products. It is extremely important in today's hyper competitive market, to keep the pace with the changing trends and this is not possible without a dedicated R&D team. It plays a very important role to get the organization the competitive advantage, growth in sales, innovation and also promoted the mission of NewAge.



Q7) Could you please tell us about your Company and its Different Verticals ?


We have clearly defined verticals with precise vision and goals for handling the various business processes like customer relations, sales and marketing, order execution, technical support, dispatches and logistics, customer services, import and exports, legal and compliance, accounts and finances etc. These verticals are interlinked with each other through right tools. They all share the common motto of "Customer Satisfaction, Operational Excellence and Competitiveness"  



Q8) What are your Latest Innovations ? 


Our sustainability model is to constantly innovate and work hard to bring out new products with the help of technological advancements in all the divisions. Some of them on top of my mind are:

• We recently started manufacturing large diameter hoses. Up until now we were only manufacturing  hoses upto 6" diameter but now we have state of the art manufacturing capability for producing hoses upto 12 " diameter. 

• Fire Vehicle Division of NewAge has developed fire vehicle pumps made of complete stainless steel construction. They have also successfully designed, developed and manufactured indigenously developed articulating type boom water foam tower. This has got a very positive reception from the Indian market and we have been successful in bagging some prestigious orders for the same.

• Our team has indigenously developed DC power operated remote control monitors.


Q9) What is the Challenge in Manufacturing Products ?


We compete with the global market and with Chinese products in competition, reducing the manufacturing cost without compromising on quality of products is one of the challenges we face. We can easily reduce the costs using sub-standard raw materials or non-standard processes but we understand the responsibility and faith our customer has on us and the value of our brand. 

The Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT), which is almost round the corner, is going to bring a major paradigm shift in the way the manufacturing industry works in India. There are challenges for manufacturing sector to continuously invest in new machineries for faster production, technology adoption, automation, data-driven decisions. With internet-enabled machines, information platforms will be much more connected than ever and this can bring a total change on the enterprise solutions level which is the greatest challenge.



10) What are the Latest Marketing Initiatives you have Embarked upon ?


The definition of marketing is drastically changing with today's world of information technology. Today marketing is not only advertisements in magazines or participating in exhibitions but it's about actually connecting with the customers or end users, understanding their problems, offering customized solutions that helps knocking down the hazards. The idea of reaching the customer is no more only "Knocking the Door". Web presence and web content plays a crucial part in the marketing with the help of various social media tools, video marketing, email marketing, mobile apps, content marketing etc.  We also have strong belief in 'Marketing by our Customer'. We ensure our customers are delighted and they market for our brand !


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