Hikvisions "Make in India" Roadmap will Serve the Indian Market with Best-in-Class Products and Solutions: Ashish P. Dhakan

The year 2018 has witnessed many new technologies and trends in the Indian security market. It's time to

get the latest updates on Hikvision's plans for India market. Safe Secure Magazine Monthly brings the

insightful interview with Mr. Ashish P. Dhakan, MD & CEO, Prama Hikvision India Pvt. Ltd.


1) What are the new benchmarks created by Prama Hikvision India?

A. This year marks the successful implementation of first phase of Prama Hikvision India 'Make in India'

roadmap, the state of the art manufacturing plant in Vasai has started production. We are making steady

progress in 'Make in India' roadmap while serving the Indian market with best-in-class products and solutions.

We had set up a world class service center, it is enabling RMA processes (it provides free pick up and drop

facility) with SAP to support Pan India dealer and distributor network. We also have a training center in

Mumbai. We regularly conduct Hikvision training and certification (Hikvision Certified Security Associate)

program across India to empower Hikvision partners.


2) Tell us more about Hikvision's leadership in the Global and Indian market?

A. Hikvision has again topped the global security 50 ranking. It has happened for the third year in a row since

2016. Hikvision has successfully retained its top position by earning the highest net profit in the 2017 fiscal

year with US$ 1235.1 million, which is the only company in 2018 a&s Security 50 that has generated more than

US$ 1000 million net profit. This shows the robust credentials of Hikvision's ongoing success on the global


Prama Hikvision India is a leading security systems and solution provider in the Indian market. The company

has established an impeccable trust and reputation among security industry professionals in India.

Every brand has an interesting story coupled with enterprise, technology, innovation, success and glory.

The leading global brand, Hikvision too has one that needs to be celebrated. The brand story of Hikvision has

evolved with market growth and global success.

Hikvision is a leading global brand in the video surveillance and security industry. Building on the company's

incredible year-on-year growth, and underlining the global level of support for its range of security surveillance



3) How is your 'Make in India' initiative is shaping up?

A. We are very optimistic about the future of the physical security market in India. Prama Hikvision India has

made a big ticket investment in the Government of India 'Make in India' Initiative, and it is a significant step

towards achieving the India specific product manufacturing roadmap. Through this initiative Hikvision has set

up a state-of-the-art manufacturing plant near Mumbai to cater to the India and overseas markets. Our

manufacturing plant based in Vasai near Mumbai has started production. The current capacity of our

manufacturing plant is five lakh cameras and one lakh beacon devices.

Prama Hikvision India has recently signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with the Andhra Pradesh

Government to extend the manufacturing facility in the state with proposed investment of Rs. 500 crore.


4) What are the latest trends that will decide the future course of security Industry?

A. The top trending technologies driving the security industry, are Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Deep Learning.

The AI technology will continue to become more common and more powerful.

This trend will strengthen critical security efforts in every sphere. Now, Hikvision's DeepinView Cameras and

DeepinMind NVRs and Servers are leading the way in this new world of video surveillance technology by

making invisible intelligence visible for users, and then putting that intelligence to good use.

Hikvision has successfully implemented many projects with advanced AI applications in vertical specific

solutions related to Retail, Banking, Transportation, Smart City, and Education sector in India. Hikvision has

been credited with India's first Artificial Intelligence enabled Face Recognition Terminals in the Education


Hikvision has developed a Smart Retail Solution that provides comprehensive CCTV security to protect staff

and customers and assist loss prevention. Not only that, this smart retail solution features data collection and

analytics for enhancing business value. Benefiting from Deep Learning Technology, three intelligent functions

for retail support include people-counting to track customer traffic and volume, heat mapping to know the

popularity of goods in the shopping area, and queue detection to monitor the queuing situation in real-time.

Hikvision's face recognition terminals are embedded with deep-learning algorithms for access control and

office scenarios for improving building operations, workforce management and safety operations. Hikvision

has embedded Deep-Learning algorithms into its face recognition terminals, providing

fewer transmission delays and a reduced load on backend components. As a result, the terminals have a high

success rate the face-capture rate can hit 99% accuracy at less than

0.5 seconds. During rush hours, access turnstiles equipped with Hikvision's face recognition terminals can

respond in less than a half-second, passing up to 40 persons per minute.


5) What are the steps taken by Hikvision to ensure Cyber Security & Data Protection?

A. Hikvision has recently released a cybersecurity white paper designed to be an educational resource for the

security industry. Hikvision believes it is crucial for industry leaders to work together to understand

cybersecurity risks and to take measures to meet those challenges for the IoT industry. The Hikvision

cybersecurity white paper outlines current security threats for the Internet of Things, and for network and

information security in the surveillance industry. Globally Hikvision is focusing on various initiatives, including

GDPR, FIRST, FIPS 140-2, Common Criteria Certification to further the cause of product reliability and



6) In your view what are the challenges faced by the security Industry in India?

A. Despite fast growing market the Indian security and surveillance industry is facing the challenge of high

import duties. As most of the key components are imported, it becomes a challenge for security manufacturer

to sustain the product cost overruns. The shortage of skilled manpower and trained engineers continues to be

the perennial problem. We at Hikvision have always given top priority to training programs and customer

service. We will continue to create awareness about our products, technologies and solutions through our

various training programs including HCSA Certification program.


7) What are the key application cases implemented by Hikvision in India?

A. Prama Hikvision India has a dynamic Vertical Solutions team to offer innovative solutions across the

verticals, including BFSI, Retail, Hospitality, Education, Pharma & Healthcare, Power, Petroleum, Oil & Gas,

Mining and Heavy Industries, Smart City and Safe City, etc. We have numerous application cases across the

verticals as a testimony of our evolving success.


8) What are Hikvision's future plans for India?

A. Hikvision has big plans for the Indian market and we are working on it. Hikvision is constantly expanding its

partner network across India. It has plans underway to expand it to Tier II and Tier III cities. The Artificial

Intelligence, Deep Learning, Big Data, AI Cloud and IoT trends will continue to drive the Hikvision products and

solutions in the near future. This is the best time to be a part of the security industry.

The security and surveillance industry is growing at 40% growth rate. These are exciting times to be in the fast

growing business of security and surveillance systems.

The industry needs young engineers and innovators to add value. It is perfect time for youngsters to choose a

career in the security industry as it is still growing at an exponential rate.


9) What is the idea behind the Hikvision's tagline “See Far, Go further”?

A. As a leader in technological advancement, we are fully committed to “seeing“– empowering the ability to

“see” in both broad terms and in highly-specified ways. Enabling the progression from “seeing” to “seeing

clearly” and “understanding”, the value of video technology is growing rapidly. In addition to security, today's

video technology provides highly valuable business intelligence across an expanding range of industries and

applications. With an extensive product line and highly effective solutions, Hikvision always adds great values

to its partners, customers, and end-users. And Hikvision will continue to equip its customers various needs in

security and business development through its accumulated expertise in AI and Video Technology.

In an ever-changing world, Hikvision's original goals have not changed - namely, to provide value to all

customers, to combat crime and terrorism, and to provide a safer society for communities, families and

children. From our original slogan, “First Choice for Security Professionals”, to our newest one,

“See Far, Go Further”, Hikvision maintains its path toward excellence.