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TrueSafe Apollo Addressable Fire Alarm Panel First Make in India Addressable Fire Alarm Panel

Fire is one of the big sources of danger in accidents. Many people are killed every year, and more are

hospitalized due to fire in India.

Any residential or commercial complex is usually a closely populated area. Thus, a fire accident

would cause a lot more damage to life and property. But this is no reason to panic. Proper fire safety

equipments will go a long way in preventing major fire accidents.


New facilities and renovation projects need to be designed to incorporate efficient, cost effective

passive and automatic fire alarm detection and suppression protection systems.

These systems are effective in detecting, containing and controlling a fire event in the early stages.

We at Vighnaharta have launched our Truesafe Apollo Addressable Fire alarm panels manufactured

in a Joint Venture with Apollo Fire Detectors of U.K.


Taking the Govt. initiate to promote "Make in India" these addressable control panels are the first to

be designed, developed and manufactured in India. The entire R&D on the addressable panels was

done in India. Apart from being the first such product coming out of the country.


This addressable Fire Panel is the next step/ upgrade from Conventional fire panels with the added

feature of being able to pin -point the exact detector and there by the location of the fire. An

addressable fire alarm system will provide you with information about individual detectors in the

system. You can label different detectors on an addressable fire alarm system to allow for easy

identification in the event of an emergency. This is for smarter operation and a higher level of



The Addressable Fire Panel can intelligently communicate with a wide variety of detectors and

devices such as Heat Detector, Ionization Detector, Sounders, Beacons and Indicators etc.

Truesafe Apollo Addressable Fire Alarm panels are networkable panels with

IP/SM/GPRS/3G/4G/RS485 Modbus connectivity which can take care of your most complex

connectivity requirements. Our panels adhere to the strictest compliance norms of EN 54-2, EN 54-4.

Most of the premises do not have fire officer. Generally, security guard attends the alarm.


Also, SMS alert shall communicate the emergency to the managerial staff

Considering the features our panel provides value for money to the user.


Some salient features of the panel:

• First "Make in India" Addressable Fire Panel Co-branded with Apollo UK.

• Hybrid Panel: Conventional + Addressable

• Easy configuration using USB port directly connected to Laptop/PC.

• RS485 MODBUS RTU port provided for IBMS or SCADA.

• Networkable up to 16 Panels.

• Extended loop current of 500mA. Can support 30 Sounders.

• Multilingual LCD Display: Unicode supported. Supports Hindi, Marathi, Tamil, Telugu, Kannada,

Arabic etc.

• Flashing LED support for Xp95.

• EN54-2, EN54-4 Compliant.

• Widest Supply voltage range 180V to 270V AC, 50Hz.



• GSM/GPRS SIM Interface. Can send SMS, connect to monitoring station.

• Connectivity to Central Monitoring using Contact ID, SIA Dc09.


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